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Britannica Online Usage Report Glossary

Documents All text-based resources, including encyclopedia articles, year-in-review articles, primary source documents and eBooks, journal and magazine articles, text-based learning materials, etc. A Pack “pinboard” view also counts as a document.
Queries All queries including keyword searches, advanced searches, media browse, primary source browse, learning materials browse, as well as grade-level and category filtering, etc.
Multimedia All multimedia, including video clips, audio files, photos, illustrations, maps, interactive timelines, multimedia lessons, etc.
My Britannica (optional) Tracks all log-ins and activity under individual/personal accounts, including saved, customized and uploaded content, lesson plans and custom/annotated Packs.
Hits (optional) Tracks total server calls, the broadest category of use, from an institutional account.
Sessions (optional) Sessions are calculated by counting the temporary cookies set for each browser session. The cookie is deleted after 30 minutes of inactivity or when the browser is closed. <~-- -->